5 Reasons WHY Video Is Important To Your REI Marketing Strategy

Written by on November 9, 2017

Marketing as a real estate investor can be a very difficult thing to achieve if it is not properly planned and executed. We understand that marketing starts with recognizing who we wish to offer our product or services to, then determining the best ways that one can receive the messages that are being communicated. Upon that, we ultimately strategize numerous tactics that we can monitor and pivot as needed in order to achieve our desired results.

For the most part, Real Estate Investment marketing comprises of direct marketing. Either in the form of mail offerings, yellow letters, post cards, etc. However, with the digital age exponentially growing, we must highly consider the benefits of digital marketing. Mobile browsing has risen year after year and our direct form of marketing is quickly becoming a weakened practice.

Since the emergence of online video services, such as YouTube and Netflix, more and more people are now watching video online. So the question that we must answer is: how do we incorporate video into our content marketing strategy? But before we cover the how, let’s focus on the why…

Here are 5 Reason WHY Video Is Important To Your REI Marketing Strategy:

Video Boosts Conversion and Sales and Shows A Great ROI

Video is known to boost conversion and sales. It has been researched that adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion by roughly 80%. Moreover, homepage videos increase conversion rates by 20% or more. Its been estimated that by 2020 there will be 232 million digital video viewers in the United States. With the most regularly watched categories comprising of YouTube audiences.

The more frequently you publish video content, you will then see its return on investment. It’s been studied that more than half (52%) of global marketing professional named video as the type of content with the best ROI. Furthermore, marketers who use video as a part of their content marketing strategy has grown revenue 49% faster than non-video users. So, if it is in your budget to hire a professional to manage your video content, then I highly recommend you do so. This is simply because as investors, we must acknowledge how to best utilize our time, and one thing from experience is that video production consumes an abundance amount of time, especially when you’re just getting started.

Video Encourages Social Shares

We are now living in a data-sharing world. What we see on our social media, and the things that emotionally impact us or relate to our personal brand, we end up sharing with our social circle. With Real Estate Investing, the production of great content (home decorating videos, before and after transformation videos, how-to in REI videos, etc) can most certainly encourage others in your “socialsphere,” and those that are a part of their network to share the content. Keep in mind that there are several factors that encourages social shares. For example, publishing a high-quality/definition (HD) prompts people to view and share videos versus a video that is of low-production/quality. Another factor that may discourage a video share is determined by the audio quality and music/scoring choices. Your video must have quality audio. If the audio quality is low or muffled, it may in fact deter the viewer from his continued viewership; hence, preventing the viewer from sharing the content.

Search Engines Love Video

There are several ways to getting your content in the upper echelon of Google, Bing, and other search engines. As videos are taking popularity, and as an increasing amount of individuals are relying on video to communicate necessary information, it is extremely paramount to consistently publish quality videos. Now, consider that the more frequently you publish videos, optimize its titles and metadata, and promote it onto your “socialsphere” you will inevitably increase the likelihood of your video reaching a higher ranking on search engines. There are several way that you can optimize your video to aid its growth, which I will cover in a future article. In the meantime, you can simply Google search “optimizing videos for growth on…” (whatever platform you use for video [Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook Video, etc.]).

Video Educates Consumers

Most of our digital-aged society are becoming lethargic as technology takes over. There are moments when we have the desire to learn something instantaneously, and we refrain from considering an educational read to learn something new. That is where video comes in place. As real estate investors, this is our creme dela creme. We must educate those that we are choosing to market to in order to win over their trust. With video, the more value that we are able to provide, we increase the chances of gaining a loyal viewership. An example of educating a fellow real estate investor is by publishing a video on 5 tips to Real Estate Wholesaling. If you are choosing to market your video to a prospective distressed property owner, an example would be to educate the consumer on 3 ways to lessen the chances of foreclosures. There are many ideas that we can generate just as long as we are creative. Research your market, determine any missing elements, and if you are an expert on the missing topic, then plan to educate your viewers via video.

Video Builds Trust

Content altogether builds trust. The difference with video versus photos or any other style of media is that one can personally empathize to the video much more than someone trying to empathize with a photo or a piece of audio. Think of it this way… If it is said that a photo speaks 1,000 words, what do you believe the impact of video may be if there are 30 pictures in one second of video (standard 29.97 FPS in film). It’s been studied that four times as many shoppers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Most times, we all go out and shop from reputable brands. Would you say that you frequently make purchases from brands that you do not trust? In REI, we must really think as our consumers. For example, if you are marketing your services to another Real Estate Investor, would you want someone barking at you via Facebook message or LinkedIn trying to solicit joining a buyer’s list. Probably not. Similarly, if you were a distressed owner of a property, would you want an investor bombarding you with a “I will buy your home right now for cash!” – Probably not. So taking this into account, when producing your videos, you must consider the purpose that your video will serve – Think education…

Some questions you will need to answer prior to committing to a video content strategy is, who would you like to view your video? What action would you like for them to take upon viewing the video? Do you want to encourage shares? How can you encourage an interactive video experience? Among many other questions…

At the end, as you familiarize yourself with video production, you will soon notice its benefits and how it can grow your business. You can either self-produce your videos or hire a professional to do it. For very little investment ($1,000) and some creative thought work, you can start your own channel, produce, edit and publish your videos online. It may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of things, especially with video framing and editing, you’ll be on your way to succeeding your video content marketing strategy!

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