The Antonio Srado Show: Episode 4 – From Pro Sports To Entrepreneurship | Malcolm Lemmons

Malcolm Lemmons, Antonio Srado

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Malcolm Lemmons – a professional athlete turned entrepreneur, author, and public speaker.

After graduating from Niagara University with a degree in Business Management, Lemmons went on to pursue a professional basketball career overseas. He is the founder of Players Point Agency and now helps athletes build personal brands and prepare for life after sports.

Malcolm has landed media coverage with networks such as ABC and TVOne. His articles have been featured in the Huffington Post, AthleteNetwork and other publications. He recently published his first novel, Lessons From the Game, and he can be found at or @malcolmlemmons on Twitter & Instagram.

In this episode of The Antonio Srado Show, Malcolm Lemmons discusses the following:

The Entrepreneur

  • Early side-hustles, early desires and thoughts on entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurs possess these three intangibles: Patience, Determination, and Grit. What is your definition of each and why do you believe these three are major characteristic that all entrepreneurs, including athletes should master.
  • Failure during your first attempt in building an actual business
  • What allowed you to overcome failure?
  • You mentioned Gary Vaynerchuck in a blog post. Why Gary Vaynerchuck and what value do you think he can contribute to aspiring entrepreneurs?

The Athlete

  • Cover your 3rd Grade Desire For Pro Athlete
  • Share your general story as an athlete.
  • What was in like living overseas to pursue your professional athletic career?
  • What would you recommend to a student athlete who wants to own a business and is also considering going pro, whether overseas, playing for the NBA, etc.?
  • Follow up questions

The Author

  • Cover your book, Lessons From The Game and what inspired you to take it from a thought to something tangible?
  • Follow up questions

The Speaker

  • What was your first experience like when you decided to take center stage with public speaking?
  • Follow up questions

Name your top five struggles and how you manage to overcome them?

  • Getting cut from high school team – sophomore year
  • Getting sick in college and missing half the season
  • First year playing overseas, slept on floor, barely had any money to eat, no communication with family
  • The transition from being a professional athlete and going into business
  • Launching a new business while trying to understand the best way to effectively manage time

Overcame them by having patience and understanding that obstacles are a part of the process. Also, always your eye on the prize and stay determined.

Wrap up Questions

Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard. – Unknown (credits trainer/coach)

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