The Antonio Srado Show: Episode 3 – Business Ownership and Family | Tom Sylvester

Tom Sylvester, Antonio Srado

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Tom is here today to share with us how he went from computer nerd to a serial entrepreneur all while and maintaining balance as a married man and a dad of two.

In this episode, we will be discussing Tom’s experience with the great entrepreneurial struggle, hitting rock bottom and his ability to bounce back. We will cover his experience in starting and succeeding with real estate investing, income producing rental properties, specifically and how was Tom able to take his creative and entrepreneurial spirit to several superior levels while thriving in other areas in life… Because we all know, life isn’t always about business… Or is it?

With an undergrad degree in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Business Management, Tom, with his wife Ariana Sylvester, own three businesses – A Professional Coaching and Speaking business, a Wine and Liquor store, and Real Estate assets.

Early entrepreneurial coverage

  • Selling candy, marking up, making profits
  • Purchasing bulk paint palls and sell them
  • Buying books at thrift stores, resold via
  • Side Hustles to understand our interests

College realization and redirection

  • Setting goals
  • Observing goals
  • Observing Opportunities
  • Looking at others for success validation, but failure to understand individual paths to success

Experience in Stock Market

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

Real Estate Coverage

  • How do you find properties to invest in?
  • What methods do you use to finance your properties?
  • How do you go about finding tenants?
  • Run me through your move in and move out process, and your thoughts on how to maximize income during this time.
  • What do you recommend a new real estate investor do before going full throttle in the industry?
    • Buy a duplex, rent one half, live in the other.
    • Different goals = A different path
    • Patience is Key
    • Millennials investing in Real Estate
    • Fix and Flips
    • Long Term – Buy and Holds – Rental Property
    • Airbnb
  • Understand how real estate investing ties into your goals
  • Crafting goals and strategy
  • Get your time and personal finances in order
    • Budgeting is defining what kind of lifestyle you desire and how will you be able to acquire that lifestyle.
  • Life Lessons Coverage
    • Defining Goals
    • Eliminate Debt
    • Take Accountability, Mentorship
    • Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses
      • How did you and Ariana Meet?
      • What was in like, early in the relationship, in trying to have Ariana understand your pursuit of life?
      • Explain how was life like pursuing your dream, while married before children, and how the dynamics of your life has change once you and Ariana started a family.
  • Wrap up Questions