5 Things That Every Real Estate Investor’s Or Firm Website Must Have

Written by on November 10, 2017

Technology is moving at a very rapid pace. At times, it is almost troubling to comprehend what the next best thing will be and whether we should follow the band wagon or simply take a path of our own. Web browsing is revolutionizing from desktop to mobile with a mix of companies delivering information through native applications. Through it all, as real estate investors, we must know how and when to technologically evolve. So if your website looks like a page published back when dial-up was a thing, then it is time to reconsider your budget and allocate some funds to revamp your website!

Here are 5 things that every real estate investor’s (investment firm) website must absolutely have:

Clear of Clutter Navigation

  • Website navigation is one of the most vital elements in a website. It allows the user or visitor to move throughout webpages and learn more information about your product or service. If your navigation is not clear of clutter, you may confuse the visitor, which will cause them to lose interest, close the webpage, and ultimately it will prompt a failure to seize an opportunity. Your navigation bar must present a way to connect visitors to your contact page, engage visitors to learn about your product and services, and certainly a way for visitors to see your work and accomplishments.

High Resolution Photos and Videos

  • It is extremely paramount that your website has high resolution photos and videos. Because content is required, bare in mind that your website should capture your visitors attention within seconds. And considering that we are visual beings, it is suggested that a high resolution photo or video is an effective way of captivating our awareness. Another thing to consider is the placement of imagery on the webpage. What we will see in a lot of standard websites today is a logo, located at the top left corner of the navigation bar, a hero image or video display with a CTA to follow. See an example below:


  • One thing that is often ignored when designing your website is the importance of adding a section for testimonials. It is studied that as consumers, a high percentage of our purchasing decisions are made based on our knowledge of the product or service from a trusted brand; versus, over a brand that carries no reputation. When adding an area for reviews, be sure that the reviews are authentic and genuinely delivered from recent clients or customers. We all have access to learning more about ones company or brand through search engine that will allow curious consumers the opportunity to debunk any testimonials, which in turn can tarnish your brand if exposed as falsifying testimonials.

Call-to-Actions (CTA)

  • Imagine that your only option was to market to your consumers through your website. There are several tactics you can implement, but your buyers, and sellers, in the case of real estate investing would want to know what you are asking of them. This is where your call-to-actions come in place. Whenever one decides to visit your site, aside of navigation, frequent visitors will already know where they would like to go, while new-comers are often guided through CTAs. Your call-to-actions may include opt-in forms, but keep in mind that it must be strategically placed throughout your website. It is highly advocated that you include a code to your webpage and CTAs that will allow you to monitor its effectiveness. This can be achieve through Google Analytics. Research real estate call to actions and see what fits best with your brand, then implement CTAs into your pages accordingly.

Social Media Integration

  • If content is King, then social media is the Throne where it content sits. It is the channel(s) that communicates every possible thing about your brand. You must ensure that your website includes a way to integrate social media. As standard widgets are a thing of the past, there are other ways to contain your social channels into your site. You may decide to just include social media logos that will have a redirect link to the designated channel. Others may want to include a feed or two but this may sometimes hinder your website’s load time and can then cause a visitor to exit due to a substandard customer web browsing experience. Please be weary that you do not have to include of all your social media channels. Select those that are best associated with your brand and enable a link between your webpage and social media.

There are many other elements that are important to also include in your website. For example, property listings, or an IDX, testimonial videos, contest you may be hosting, etc. But all in all, the five things mentioned above sit atop of the list. If you have any additions you wish to share, I encourage that you do so! We can all benefit in learning about what works for you as it may equally help us along the way!

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