5 Books That Every Real Estate Beginner Should Read

Written by on November 21, 2017

Books Are A Billionaires Best Friend!

The wisdom shared through great authorship is extremely invaluable, especially considering the cost-to-value ratio when compared to that of learning in college or in a University. A similar habit that many millionaires and billionaires have is that they spend a good amount of time reading; hence, educating themselves. I cannot stress enough the kind of growth we can obtain through reading educational books. And by educational, I am referencing books you can learn a thing or two from – relevant to your desired field.

Because Real Estate is a multifaceted industry, we sometimes find it challenging to understand the direction and the types of literature we should pick up from our local book store or through Amazon.com. I recently began my journey in real estate investing and while exploring my venture, I had NO CLUE on the books that would best serve my interest. It wasn’t until loosing quite a few dollars, that I started to understand the field of REI and the kinds of books I should be reading.

Through it all, here are the 5 Books That I Recommend Every Real Estate Beginner Should Read:

1: Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant

I have two books listed here because Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant are two great short reads by Robert Kiyosaki. For any real estate professional looking to adapt the entrepreneurial lifestyle and those that seek to play the Real Estate game as an investor, these two books are a MUST add to your book reading collection!

2. Social Media Made Me Rich

If you are looking to learn what makes real estate professionals so successful in their field, it all falls down to marketing. Matthew Loop packages some great and resourceful content in his book, Social Media Made Me Rich. It teaches us how to utilize Social Media and the power of marketing and branding to gain an edge in our industry. A must read for all innovative Real Estate Pros!!

3. Barron’s Real Estate Licensing Exams

Although many real estate professionals outside of agents, brokers, or appraisers, may think differently about this book, I believe this Exam Preparation textbook can be used, not only as an exam-prep book, but also offers other useful benefits. For example, this book is packed with general real estate information that can educate us in specific laws and principles that apply in our profession. We should always get our hands on things that teach us how other professionals in our field think… It is a great read for general knowledge in real estate.

4. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

If you want to become wealthy and you’re using real estate a a vehicle, then this book is for you! Packed with the experience of many wealthy real estate professionals, Keller, Jenks, and Papasan, inspire us to pursue Real Estate Investing with ease and motivation for triumph.

5. Start With Why

We may have all seen his famous Ted Talk online with millions of views on the concept of starting with Why. Simon Sinek demonstrates how leaders can inspire a team to take action. He uses great examples from huge corporations such as Apple and Sony. I believe this is a great book for real estate professionals to read because we all need to understand how consumers process products and services and how a leader and his or her team should execute to deliver something impactful. Whether we are launching a training program, an REI conference, or simply hosting a free Meetup, we must learn to start every decision with Why.

There are many other books that I recommend you add to your reading list. However, the books mentioned above will help you get acclimated in becoming a better real estate professional.

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