3 Kick Ass Ways To Be Happier In 2018

Written by on December 21, 2017

2017 was a year filled with many uncertainties.

For some, we were extremely concerned with politics, hurricanes, wildfires, and other life-changing events. For others, life was taken without much of a lifestyle jolt. This year, I realized that I have lost control of many things in my life. For instance, my daily workout routines, my ability to manage stress, my potential to fulfill my goals, and many other things. As we conclude 2017, I started to regain control. Through this experience, I have found three things that I could have done better to increase my daily happiness.

Quit Complaining

  • For those of you who know me, understand that I publicize happiness on all of my social accounts. However, it doesn’t often show what I truly experience in life. I complained about a ton of bull shit during 2017, soon after discovering that my life has taken a toll by attracting a sequence of further negativity. As I regained control of my life, I quit complaining and found that I wake up happier, fall asleep faster, feel healthier, and became more productive. My life grew more organized and I began attracting people that aided my development. By letting go of complaints, I was better able to understand my goals and take massive actions towards fulfillment.

As I regained control of my life, I quit complaining and found that I wake up happier, fall asleep faster, feel healthier, and became more productive.

Express Daily Gratitude

  • In addition to neglecting complaints, I began to express gratitude. In an index card that I used as my daily bookmark, I started by jotting down my goals with a list of things that I am grateful for. I read what was on the card as an expression of gratitude every time I picked up a book. Another method that has worked for me is by sharing my “happy thoughts” with my significant other. I find that upon sharing our happiness with one another, we tend to disregard the little things that we do not like and focus on the monumental things that are meaningful to us.

Change your thoughts and your reality will follow.

Exercise Your Body and Mind

  • One thing that I really struggled with during 2017 was getting to the gym. I would find every excuse in the book not to go. For example, I am too exhausted, there are too many people at the gym, I have to publish my blog post, I have to get to work, among thousands of other stupid fucking excuses. As this year comes to a close, I learned that no one is feeling my pity but myself. I learned to not expect someone to understand my unhealthy behavior and take full accountability and get to the gym. So one thing that I changed was making physical exercise a PRIORITY! I have accepted that there is nothing more important than to ensure that your body and mind are in top condition. By exercising daily, even if the goal isn’t to obtain a 6-pack, allows your body to remove toxins through sweat and energy depletion. It makes us happier and helps us construct better decisions. Additionally, when you incorporate mind exercises, like meditation, it improves our ability to acquire goals, focusing, and helps with sleep and stress management.

I believe that the first step to living a happier life is to take accountability. Once you understand that no one can help you improve your happiness, but yourself, you will begin to see a lifestyle change; a lifestyle change that you’ve not predicted – one full of happiness. All in all, if you change your thoughts your reality will follow.

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